Who we are

Here's the deal, Gospel City Church was born out of a heart to see the essence of the Gospel of Jesus made clear to the people of the DFW metroplex and ultimately the world. We are confident that as we follow Christ as a group of faith-filled individuals that our expression as a collective will shine the beauty of Jesus to a world in need of exactly what He offers.

We started in a living room, moved to McAndrew Motors, and moved again to Pantego Christian Academy to give us space to continue to invite our friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, & classmates.

We know that our love filled God is asking us to declare and display the freeing power of the Gospel to a world in need of hope and peace.

What Can I Expect

We try to keep things really simple ... we work hard to take the incredibly complex message of Jesus Christ and present it in a way anyone can understand ... we hold high the value of authenticity and grace.

Our 9:30 & 11a hours have space for your kids (birth-4th grade) to learn more about Christ through our great study called the Gospel Project. 

Our students & adults meet at 9:30 and 11a for worship in the High School Building in the newly built out Auditorium at Pantego Christian Academy.

What About My Child

We have a wonderful space for your child whether they are a baby, preschooler, elementary, or older. We have a Kids & Preschool Ministry that meets at 9:30 & 11a during the worship for birth through 4th grade. We have a preteen ministry for our 5th & 6th graders called Club 5/6. Email our Kids Pastor, Rachael and check out our Kids Ministry page for more details including our check-in process!

Our Student ministry (7th-12th grade) meets on Sunday nights , email our Student Pastor, Landon and visit our Student Ministry page for more details!

What Do I Wear

You can wear just about anything you want. ... no seriously ... you'll find us to be a casual group. Our Pastor usually dresses in jeans and casual shirt. The goal is that you feel the freedom to be you.


We meet in the Pantego Christian Academy High School Building. Click here for directions!

Other Questions

Contact us! We would love to hear from you!